recently the central media reported continuous industry mobile phone pornographic websites, China Telecom spokesman said today that the company attaches great importance to, has launched a special action resolutely combat remediation mobile phone pornographic websites on the WAP SP service; the first full screen, itemized audit, qualified after the opening.

full screen SP services itemized audit

China Telecom spokesman said, in view of the current WAP business management, especially for blocking foreign pornographic websites still have some difficulty, they by changing the IP address, and even take different time, on different content of despicable means to evade supervision, make the China Telecom through the means and measures of the original is difficult to eradicate.

therefore, China Telecom decided in the early in accordance with the provisions of the relevant government departments, clean off the illegal pornographic websites based on WAP for all SP services all shielding, rectification and treatment of black and white list.


spokesman also said that although the China Telecom has just entered the field of mobile services, mobile phone users less than 50 million WAP, total revenue is only 0.0005, but this is not relaxed against reason for working, China Telecom of pornographic network have hated, painful lessons, China Telecom has been resolutely implement the national regulation to combat pornography our arrangements, fully cooperate with the combat remediation work, never stopped.

comprehensive inventory of IDC access according to the law does not shut down the site more than 130 thousand

said the spokesman, the group has launched nine major initiatives to crack down on remediation pornographic websites to further carry out a comprehensive inventory of IDC access work, not the record site will be closed.

It is reported that

, the China Telecom of all enterprises organized special forces, and take various measures to actively cooperate with the relevant government regulatory authorities according to law to clean off the site did not record more than 130 thousand, rectification 362, termination of service 226.


spokesman pointed out, but there are still some criminals against the law, evade supervision, borrow 3G comprehensive commercial, pictures and video download speed of the machine, the use of mobile Internet dissemination of pornographic information, in this regard, the China Telecom will not appeasement of their existence, development can not let these residues endanger the whole industry of illegal, will be organized the research and development of power monitoring means and new measures, further intensify the crackdown.


fixed Internet regulation has achieved certain results, but we know that this work not only can not have any slack, but must further intensify efforts to combat and punish network pornographic" cancer ", this is the Internet and mobile phone network a clean blue sky." China Telecom spokesman said so.

webmaster said: the record storm began in China Mobile company of China Telecom, China Unicom in the interests of the chain, then.