: the grassroots webmaster do website, more or less have some disadvantages, and in the resources and capital accumulation has not reached the level of company level, advertising can not afford to do, engage in activities of the industry and the poor, and all kinds of free promotion methods are used in the case of the site the flow of many friends also only stay in 100 wandering up and down, why, if the general method didn’t really have much effect? Or in the operation of some of these errors? In this study slightly.


this morning just came back from Guangzhou, see Figure Wang gave me the task, I want to write what, I wonder, is it see I’m too busy, now give me the voltage? The old said: "do you have content editor, with soft ah, Admin5 ah, for everyone some experience of such". To be honest, since the graph king arranged my writing task, has been very upset, because for a long time are not too good things to everyone, and not because of reservations, but not too much value, as not all eyes were made up of pollution. But our boss said, the bird only crustily skin washed up.

recently made Admin5 information, found that many webmaster friends occasionally scold one or two sentences in the comments, the most likely is to modify some scolding, network news, and links to your web site have been released, the most frequently been modified after the release of the article type, may be the most is how to promote you the website, "like ten ways to promote the site.

In fact,

in the end, website promotion methods, if the veteran summary, indeed so few: what SEO ah, Forum promotion, Baidu mail Post Bar ah, ah, Links like, no wonder that many people write articles will be scolded, because users look to so few. No, many new ideas, it is no more than three axes, there have been some changes in the occasional text, A today to write an essay, 800 words, slightly introduced, tomorrow B, 1500 words, is the content, the case.

What is the

SEO, or advertising, or the promotion of soft paper, or bulk mail and News Promotion ah, ah, these are the webmaster, especially novice webmaster confused. Then combined with some of my personal views, do some simple analysis

1 SEO: lazy skills flow

bird thinks SEO is lazy method, change title, add the keywords in the content, every day to keep update articles, occasionally add the chain, and then is received by day: a collection of good rankings, so thankfully, if one is not careful to be Baidu K off, everywhere left abuse Baidu content this is perhaps, many webmaster do flow by SEO pictures.

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