Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li

              Sina Francisco September 2nd afternoon news, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li said today with Sina and other media dialogue, the new home of Baidu today on-line search times is the effect of income, but in the long term there will be There’s no telling, solution. Robin Li also said that the future of mobile Internet focus on cloud services rather than operating systems.

including Baidu new home, Baidu mobile operating systems and other products, today unveiled Baidu world conference. How to look at the impact of these new products, as well as the competition strategy of Baidu future? The following excerpt from Robin Li readme:

new home page on Baidu

· I do not know how much of the new home page on Baidu revenue in the end how much negative impact, but in the long run is a good thing. Search revenue and other issues can be resolved by other means. Baidu users feel better to use, to the number of Baidu more, in the long run, the number of search will go back, and even more.

· the first edition of the new home not long like this, up, the two column, there is a big picture of the user. Later experiments found that users are afraid of dramatic changes, so at least the first half of the traditional home page. Many users are not used to, want to find the original feeling. So in the last day, only to increase the return to the traditional home links.

· what kind of sign is a success? There is no clear judgment. We need to analyze the data. For example, how long will flow back, how long the income will come back. Depends on the user’s time spent on Baidu’s home page, willing to work with Baidu’s new home to get the benefits of the company, etc..

· the starting point is to allow users to use more effective things, do not enter can link to the desired information. This is our development ideas and pulse. In the future there will be more content will appear in the new Baidu home page, we expect the user stickiness, will increase. Increase in user stickiness, the future of commercial value, I think there will be.

Baidu competition strategy in various fields

· in some SNS sites, if there is a new reply, there are friends dynamic, can be timely to the new home page. If through technical analysis, feel what the user likes, you can quickly make recommendations. There is at least a lot more work to do in the next year. Search the factors of community, we will try, but not as the focus.

· Baidu’s industrial chain advantage, and partners are born a win-win situation. Baidu mind or