during the National Day holiday, the technology giant Google in Beijing on October 5th morning held a hi conference. In this conference, Google has released a Pixel mobile phone, a VR glasses, a router, a TV and voice assistant and other series of artificial intelligence Google products, but this conference has sparked a series of China media Tucao, even a lot of people have this question: Google is not in technological innovation has come to an end?

although Google’s conference is nothing new, but one thing is undeniable, Google is putting its future on artificial intelligence. Google as a leader in the global Internet technology, their future man’s life and family possessions are in charge of the artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence has become an inevitable trend that the future of the Internet and the development of science and technology, this field will release greater value.

coincidentally, the domestic search giant Baidu also put their bet on the future of artificial intelligence. But artificial intelligence play Baidu and Google are completely different, Google is the use of an apple with very similar strategic play, trying to compete with apple; and Baidu is based on artificial intelligence technology driven, to build Baidu’s new industrial ecology. In contrast, Baidu’s artificial intelligence strategy layout is more clever, in other words, Baidu’s artificial intelligence strategy layout is better than Google. In the field of artificial intelligence and the first step towards the construction of a few big Baidu seems to have their own core strengths.

1, talent is Baidu artificial intelligence atomic bomb

is the core of artificial intelligence technology, and technology is based on talent. Compared to other Internet industry, the technical threshold of artificial intelligence to be much higher, the relevant technical talent is particularly important. You can even say that, in which the company took the lead in the establishment of the advantages of talent, you can set up their own core technology advantages in the battle of artificial intelligence. May 2014, the world’s leading expert on artificial intelligence depth learning Wu Enda officially joined Baidu, and is fully responsible for the Baidu research institute.

In addition to

‘s chief scientist Wu Enda, Baidu depth learning laboratory in NEC, before the United States Institute of intelligent image for Lin Yuanqing as the director, responsible for mobile phone search and unmanned vehicle related computer vision research. He is a very active member of the field of computer vision and machine learning. In addition, as well as by the artificial intelligence laboratory Adam Coates led and led by Zhang Tong big data laboratory. Baidu’s artificial intelligence team has also formed a number of international leading level of core technology team camp.

2, big data to build a natural barrier Baidu artificial intelligence

search engine for the gene of Baidu born with a huge amount of information data, which also allows Baidu’s big data technology in front of. Baidu not only has a strong ability to access data and data mining capabilities, but also has a strong ability to predict large data analysis, and its own large