Beijing News (reporter Xu Luyang) reporter yesterday from the "information to combat Internet pornography special action case investigation briefing was informed that, amidst the red novel network", "Cuiwei novel network", "91 Panda Reader network and other well-known network literature sites, suspected of spreading pornographic information has been banned. On or off.

days ago, the national pornography Office of the state Internet Information Office issued "on the development of information to combat Internet pornography special action notice", announced in mid April to November, a nationwide unified information in the fight against online pornography special action.

according to pornography full-time deputy director of the office of Zhou Huilin, all levels of pornography department according to the inventory situation and the masses, has identified 8 key cases. Amidst the red novel network "," Cuiwei novel network "and other literature in the name of the network by way of posting pornographic novels attract users to read, illegally obtain benefits, the social impact is even worse.

at present, amidst the red novel network, "Cuiwei novel network" has been banned. 91 panda reading network has also been ordered to close.


Capital Internet Association announced the way

on the 16 day, the capital of the Internet Society said it would take measures to combat Internet pornographic information, will immediately begin a comprehensive clean-up, where the text contains pornographic content, images, video, advertising and other information, shall be deleted.

it also proposed the capital of the Internet sites, basic telecom operators, Internet access services enterprises to strictly implement the information security management system, shall not provide the dissemination of pornographic information conditions, channels.


association also announced three report illegal and unhealthy information, namely login website, call the hotline (010-67196565, 010-67196566), or send email to Report Mailbox: [email protected]

Beijing News reporter Huang Ying