2010 China Internet Application Innovation Conference will be held in Zhenjiang, August 28, 2010 and 29. The conference is sponsored by the Zhenjiang Municipal People’s government, the organizer for Runzhou District People’s Government of Zhenjiang City, Zhenjiang economic and Information Technology Commission, Jiangsu Rui Tai Investment Company limited. The conference will explore the post creative era Internet companies’ competitiveness reengineering problem.

the meeting is the Internet industry for the first time, sponsored by the municipal government, the government and the people gathered in the union, on behalf of the government leadership, Internet experts, entrepreneurs, venture capital institutions, with "industry integration and innovation" as the focus of the forum, the government will put resources agglomeration have an important impact on the Internet industry and talent.

after 16 years of development, Internet companies from technological innovation, model innovation to management innovation, value innovation. The early Internet business achievements of the many miracles, through the wonderful creative industry today, the basic pattern forming, the original purpose of creative space is limited, the basic rules of the Internet industry began to return to the business, lean management and optimal allocation of resources is the key of enterprise competition. The Internet "creative era" how to integrate social resources, how to innovate the management mode, how to reengineering the enterprise value, the meeting will show a fierce ideological collision, industry experts and entrepreneurs will be discussed with their wisdom to the future development of the Internet for 10 years.


conference will be held in the beautiful and rich, long history, gathering of talents in Zhenjiang. There are many tourist resources in the city.

the conference organizer for Rui Thai Technology Group, Jiangsu Rui Tai Investment Company Limited, Rui Tai technology is a well-known "knowledge service providers, including R & D business management consulting, eLearning solutions, IT education and Internet service outsourcing, R & D personnel services, management consulting and eLearning services is a national leader. Rui Thai science and technology will be released Rui e innovation plan, to guide private enterprises, venture capital, the government jointly set up Rui e innovation fund, incubation with a good ability to innovate and development prospects of the Internet venture. Rui Thailand’s yettie website is the world’s leading online trading site project, month trading volume exceeded 1000, yettie during the meeting, several on-site bidding outsourcing projects, the total contract of more than RMB 50 million yuan.

this conference has the following aspects:

highlights: government led, the official and civilian integration, integration of official resources and civil forces.

government leaders, Internet experts, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, venture capital institutions representatives will gather around the "industrial integration, application and innovation" theme, make presentations and discussion, and to explore the integration of government resources, adjust the layout, strengthen industrial cooperation and promote talent agglomeration.

highlights two: Interpretation of China’s Internet application innovation base incubator operation mode

"China Internet"