A5 (www.admin5.com) station network March 11th news, storm as ever in the computer standard, you will not be unfamiliar! But now there are many people in the storm? As the video industry veteran, storm in the online video and the wave of mobile Internet has been unable to


storm video was founded in 2003, is the first batch of Internet video companies, often by the media as "early in the morning, catch up late set". Now the American control, control, control the British drama drama who may not understand the storm in the hearts of a generation of netizens status. The first storm is a packaged foreign player source code and its simple work finished, and that time most of the software product, word of mouth almost is the main means of circulation. It is characterized by supporting multiple formats and saving resources.

at the end of 1 this year, storm through the Commission IPO audit, is expected to soon be listed on the domestic gem, the main concept is the Internet video and virtual reality. Raise funds to invest in the project will focus on the company’s main business, improve storm video advertising media delivery value, the company’s technology research and development level and corporate profitability.

will be on the market storm technology was unanimously optimistic about the institutions and public opinion, Internet video company player started in the A stock market very rare. Storm technology prospectus quoted four comparable companies youku.com and tudou.com, LETV and thunder in their IPO, four companies in addition to LETV A shares of listed companies, the rest are for overseas listed companies.

in fact, compared with Iqiyi, Youku and other comprehensive Internet video gene company, the two rival companies belong to the same storm and thunder player software market. As the first to go to the capital market, the two players software companies, will inevitably be used to contrast. Wang Gang the vice president of technology also acknowledged in an interview, storm and Youku potatoes and other first-line video sites have a gap, but it is not only to become the industry leader’s success in the fierce competition in the video industry to survive and profit, is not easy.

It is worth mentioning that the

in the frequent loss of the video industry, storm technology but out of silt and not to dye to maintain profitability, in 2012 and in 2013 net profit of 56 million yuan and $39 million. Most of the video site is difficult to stop losses when the storm is still profitable, it can cause in the domestic gem. Also hope that the storm can be listed on the domestic grassroots team to make an example!

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