yesterday, from the Beijing City Internet publicity management office news shows, according to the "315 consumer complaints network" mandatory service, mandatory fees and other illegal acts, Beijing Internet publicity management office, the Beijing communications administration, Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce, the Beijing municipal cultural market administrative law enforcement corps and other units jointly investigated. To close down the site.

the network was more than 1000 complaints

315 consumer complaints network for the China electronics chamber of Commerce sponsored by the consumer complaints activist website, the website by the China electronics chamber of Commerce authorized Beijing race billion internet technology Co., ltd.. From March 15th this year, 315 consumer complaints website can not be opened. Reporters had to consult the website stakeholders, get the reply is the site is being upgraded".

"315 consumer complaints network" is the acceptance of electronic products complaints consumer protection website, the network China Electronic Chamber of commerce consumer complaints information, issued a notice of interviews, to the enterprise at the same time, the negative effects of the online exposure on businesses, to corporate pressure, forcing companies and websites signed a membership agreement or at different levels the "strategic cooperation agreement", and charge a membership fee. According to the China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center statistics in 2010 alone the users of the network complaints reached more than 1 thousand and 380 times.

Beijing Internet publicity management office responsible person said that the individual institutions or individuals through the Internet for illegal network of public relations, launched the network "Navy" publishing false information, take up facts, malicious derogatory and other means of blackmail and impose exactions on, to seek illegitimate interests, seriously disturbed the order of the network, damage the credibility of network media, network public opinion environment damage, Beijing City Internet related management departments will further intensify efforts to investigate and promote the harmonious and healthy network environment.

has been continuous exposure

yesterday, 315 consumer complaints network official said, no longer stand on the matter. The superior of a department deputy secretary general China Electronic Chamber of commerce also known as the "long punishment results came out, what to say, it is."

previously, the network was CCTV seven consecutive exposure. In January this year, CCTV reported that Joyoung’s soybean milk machine has been extortion charges on the site, the report also said, not only Joyoung, many companies have received this site requires a toll call. The site also claims that some companies, if you become a member, you can hide the complaint information." CCTV said in its report, the person in charge of the 315 consumer complaints network surnamed Cao said the website partners are divided into three categories, the minimum annual fee of 120 thousand, the highest annual fee of 180 thousand. The site also has a dedicated 300 thousand of the train service, the user’s complaints are not displayed on the site.

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website has repeatedly questioned

appliance manufacturers are required to pay a membership fee to hide the complaint "