a week ago, everyone released the film website is cleaning up the contents of the announcement, and its domestic server has been sealed. Then all television announced that the site has been closed is clean ", American TV fans almost cry blind.

this afternoon, a number of users reflect, everyone has been able to re visit the video site. After testing, most of the site’s video resources, subtitles can be downloaded. But there are also some of the film "due to copyright issues, do not provide resources to download", such as "super body", "differences", etc..

now, the tragedy happened, just back to the film and television website once again fell into a state of open. Fortunately, there are users to open the home page after the discovery of the film, the announcement changed again.


, everyone in the film’s announcement as "site has been closed, but the content is clearing" has now become "all television Chinese website officially closed area", this means that we know everyone in the film again.

on the international version, the announcement shows that is still under discussion, the specific open date unknown. In addition, everyone also said that they are not currently enabled other domain names and clients, access to other domain names are fake sites.