not only pay attention to exchange and sharing, but also pay attention to easy entertainment is the mother of the previous meeting of the characteristics of the webmaster, guess what is today’s game?

"to see who stands in the end?" do stand do stand, do the webmaster first to stand, the host please all friends stand up!

rules of the game: all problems appear in the "yes" or "no" answer, answer "yes" please raise their hands, answered "no" to stay in place and the wrong answer, please sit down and see who we stand to three webmaster friends finally will get our prizes (stick to the meeting finally, all my friends will receive a gift, each with a handbag in the YAHOO card affixed to the office to receive attendance statistics)

problems varied, including the statue of liberty is not written on the top of the card, after a few rounds of the problem, standing less and less

it seems that the handsome guy in the final, won the award!!


game is simple but easy to give us some inspiration –

1, the ingredient of luck is sometimes very important

2, follow the trend of the phenomenon often let you die very wronged

3, usually around other related or not related knowledge to master

4, when you are not a team but isolated one person fighting, a small mistake will make you out of the game