due to the special nature of the industry, there are many fresh minefields and restrictions in the product selection, transportation, storage, sales, distribution and other aspects. It is precisely because of this situation, although fresh electricity supplier in recent two or three years is very hot, but really bigger, stronger businesses are still difficult to reveal.

days ago, fresh new entrants and fresh daily said that the fresh electricity supplier operating optimization. And, daily and fresh COO Ceng Bin lists four major minefields fresh electricity needs to pay attention to the state power grid (the following contents according to the exchanges between the two sides finishing):


: a large number of SKU

rapid on-line minefield

some fresh electricity supplier in the initial mode settings on the problem. For example, some fresh electricity supplier initially wanted to make large and fresh web site, set up a year on-line SKU (volume) need to reach 5000 KPI goals. However, the total number of orders for the day of the business may be only 4000 single, in this case how businesses stocking it?

this will lead to two kinds of situations: first, the goods are less, the need for suppliers to adjust the emergency cargo; second, more goods, the product is not fresh, the user experience is not good or loss rate. But whether it is urgent need to adjust the supply of goods, or the loss of fresh push to suppliers or their own losses, resulting in a substantial increase in operating costs. Supply chain to enhance the supply price of the business, while the customer experience may not be good. Such fresh electricity supplier is bound to face greater pressure and pressure.

area two: speed up mode

now some fresh electricity supplier wants the United line stores, super speed walking pole model. Carefully look at the pattern of these businesses, although known to do fresh, but cola, packaged food and other items in the product is very large proportion. This is because the so-called speed mode is to put fresh on the nearest place from the customer.

in this mode, this kind of fresh electricity supplier will be part of the procurement of goods in the store under the cooperation of the online, and he also sells the original store. But the purchasing capacity of the shop under the line is very limited. If the main sales of the fresh electricity supplier of their purchases of fresh products, to this part of the goods on line shop, but how to judge whether he put the number of goods? These businesses have not through data analysis, can accurately determine the sales ability. So this kind of fresh electricity supplier in the fresh category has been difficult to expand. And because of many restrictions, the user experience is more difficult to protect.

area three: professional

ignore the procurement staff

for the operation of fresh, there is no professional procurement staff, do not do professional things. Some fresh electricity supplier before the purchase of this area is not completely professional energy and accumulation. And when the rapid development of fresh electricity supplier, the procurement team will be difficult to support, which is not so professional introduction.

some fresh electricity supplier