September 3rd, known as the business district of Southern China, deep throat electricity supplier representatives Gong Wenxiang (micro-blog ID mrbrand Gong Wenxiang) broke the Taobao August sales in the Mengliao micro-blog, followed by Taobao’s famous brand Han clothing general manager Zhao Yingguang (micro-blog ID starry Zhao Yingguang dissatisfaction).

What is the cause of the

September 3rd afternoon Mr. Gong Wenxiang published an article on the bug Yonago crisis public relations case in the micro-blog Sina micro-blog. Reads as follows: "just friends from Taobao that bug because of the event, lost about 1 million in cash to solve the problem, really to win customers: customers saw their sincere approach, double buy back. New users also increase a lot. Learned from the women’s Taobao data, August bug home orders jumped to the first count Taobao (more than OSA in 2011, Korea) is the best Chinese electricity crisis PR

! "


this article immediately after the release of micro-blog caused the dissatisfaction of Zhao Yingguang, general manager of Korean clothing homes. Han clothing general manager Zhao Yingguang bursts of two comments to refute. "A look is to flicker layman drops, did not think carefully ah. The price of the insect, is much higher than we, orders of insects have more than that, it will very big sales. If not to say that the number of orders, but said sales of words, that I can not say, there is no data cube bug data, as that bug sales higher than us." "Not in order to fight for the so-called order number first, but the analysis of the method itself is misleading, so to illustrate. With our bug go completely different way, itself does not have too many comparable."



then, Mr. Gong Wenxiang also immediately responded with it before the inaccurate data, he corrected the amount of compensation in the micro-blog bug Yonago the crisis public relations for 3 million 500 thousand cash, rather than before the 1 million. There are about Taobao sales in August Taobao insiders, not fiction, hope the starry Zhao don’t misunderstand. South Korea are clothes homes Zhao total again. Sales, it should be no problem. I just looked at the data in August, Taobao’s sales are estimated at around 21 million, the difference is not too big, but the price we estimate only half of the insect, even low, so the number of orders should be more than double the bug."


it seems that the Korean clothes are always Zhao Zhao is still not calm. Mr. Gong Wenxiang: micro-blog apparently just share the bug in August in Yonago crisis after.