The birth of the Internet, making people’s lives have undergone tremendous changes, this change, not only make people’s way of life has changed, but also achievements

by accessing the wireless web site 114, you can easily learn to use, wireless web site registration method, to understand how the first generation of SMS wireless Internet website is what. At the same time, in the tip of the message 114, you can personally register a wireless domain name, the construction of their own wireless Internet site. I personally feel the convenience of the wireless web site 114, edit the SMS "114" sent to the local area code + 1660 (mobile) 9690 + local area code (China Unicom), will receive the following information:

114 homepage:

shown, the author also registered a belongs to own wireless domain.

wireless domain registered what kind of benefits for businesses and individuals? The author in the multi textual research

The following conclusions: