recently, a "2016 market report" maternal electricity supplier warm baked. The report mentioned in the highs, China mobile market size of a maternal electricity supplier side has become the trend of development, the electricity supplier maternal maternal electricity supplier user young women, users generally worry about current situation of poor quality goods such as electricity supplier maternal electricity supplier maternal consumption.

with China ushered in the fourth wave of baby boom, the level of national income and awareness of consumer awareness, people’s demand for maternal and child supplies increased significantly. Traditional maternal and child supplies market costs are too high and the quality can not be guaranteed, in addition, the online shopping platform to facilitate the welcome by consumers, on this basis to promote the wave of maternal and child electricity supplier.

2015 maternal and child supplies overall transaction size of 1 trillion and 900 billion yuan, the online transaction size of $360 billion 600 million. 2016, the overall transaction size reached 2 trillion and 800 billion yuan, maternal and child supplies online transaction size of $964 billion 500 million, online trading growth rate of up to 167.47%.

Although the overall

two-child policy after the opening, maternal electricity providers have a more broad development space, but its development direction is worth pondering. Like milk, diapers such commodities demand a certain stage, despite the presence of new users Everfount, but simply rely on baby products, development of maternal electricity supplier will be subject to certain limitations, should be changed from "mother economy" as the "mother of economic".

according to the latest CNNIC online shopping user data research report shows that the mother economy under the Chinese mother or baby will become the next mobile electricity supplier outbreak. According to Tmall international disclosure, since mid October last year, to participate in last year’s double eleven pre-sale of more than 7 of consumers into women, ranging in age from the age of 23 to.


global dance shop transfer platform that can use their own user groups maternal electricity supplier advantage is more vertical, rich women’s supplies category, such as cosmetics, clothing shoes, bags and other goods, the female consumers in the purchase of baby products with more consumer demand, and expand the profit from the maternal electricity supplier business platform to expand the scope of comprehensive type.

in addition, maternal electricity supplier in addition to the sale of goods, the need to increase for maternal issues related to the exchange, increase user traffic and user stickiness, to attract the attention of consumers, to win in the market competition.

dance as the most professional platform for the transfer of global shop, shop, shop to provide transfer sale, buy the shop, shop, shop, shop operation auction loans and other services, financial platform 1 to 1 professional customer service mode, and constantly improve the customer service service, so that buyers find the rapid development of rich gem road.