two 80 Guangzhou seller cooperation Taobao shoe store, within half a year, not only the creation of pure Internet sales of the original brand, last month’s sales reached more than 25 thousand pairs of shoes, but with a force of life shop Foshan a shoe factory on the verge of collapse due to the financial tsunami. A shoe factory has 200 people specialized supply; from supervision, customer service, hit single, packaging, and even the crisis of one-stop operation; registered trademark from the record store at the beginning of the day to the highest hit 100 thousand yuan in advertising…… The operation of the company scale, can be said to subvert the impression of the shop, a minor reselling, true and false uneven in quality.

in addition to the rise of large individual sellers, the real economy has also begun to focus on well-known brands and into the online sales. Such as NOKIA, Taobao and other brands have also entered UNIQLO, Xinhua Bookstore, bookstore xueeryou water shop, KFC, pizza hut also began to accept online meal ordering…… Scale seems to become a trend of the network economy this year.

is the highest monthly sales of twenty-five thousand small shop to feed 200 people, factory

Yin Zhiqiang and Adu teamed up to open the shop, office location in Kecun overpass near smartfortune building. The building is also quite heard for this shop, "I know that the company sells men’s shoes, often someone to take delivery of goods." In fact, the "sheepskin hall" shoes shop smartfortune command center is near the building yard warehouse.

highest daily sales of two thousand pairs of

reporter in the warehouse to see, five or six employees sitting in the middle of the warehouse packaging, packaging, packaging, filling the express delivery. In just one hour, packed dozens of pairs of shoes have been stacked piles, every once in a while there are courier companies who come to take the shoes. "" is "a hall" the main men’s brand, the brand registered at the end of 2008, just six months red Taobao. Reporters in the shop page on shoes, a price of 158 yuan in May 20th this year, from the shelves has sold 29568 pairs; store the highest sales in May sold more than 25 thousand pairs of shoes, calculated according to the section of the selling price of 158 yuan, the monthly sales of at least 3 million 750 thousand yuan. Reporters from the "" Taobao online shop and store online open two sales records to see, June 29th to yesterday, a month, the breathable casual shoes shoes traded 18901 single. But this is not the most cattle, "one day in May sold more than 2 thousand pairs of shoes a day." Two boss told reporters.

and many of the same shop, two boss Yin Zhiqiang, Adu are 80, from the time of the students began to open shop. By the end of 2008, their business in Fujian network shoe store, save a group of regulars and experience, "shoes God’s name is from Fujian to Guangzhou to the". "" sheepskin leather shoes shop was registered in December 18, 2008, initially only 10 came from Fujian to follow the old staff. The first three months, selling only fifty or sixty pairs of shoes every day, let the boss and the senators are.