recently, CCTV financial channel "consumer advocate" column broadcast consumers buy fakes in, Taobao can not guarantee that each customer has called the seller is the integrity of the one hundred percent, the one hundred percent goods are genuine, not responsible for the consumer experience. This incident came out, attracted more attention of users.

shopping experience online shopping people know, often accidentally fakes, many people complain about their bad luck is just, but this time, CCTV reported that Taobao sells fake events for a family of online shopping netizens say online shopping experience, also remind consumers in the purchase of the network must pay more attention to. To say that it is very convenient to buy a mobile phone, can go to the store to buy, can also go to the home appliance stores, even to the electronic market or online shop to buy goods than three, always to the satisfaction of the mobile phone. In the report, said a netizen to the Taobao store to buy mobile phone, it is fake, but receive complaints to Taobao is unable to guarantee the integrity of each seller is one hundred percent, the one hundred percent goods are genuine, not consumers encounter responsible, this is unacceptable, users decided this exposure.

is the most commonly encountered in the process of shopping online shopping is the thing with the Internet to see is not the same, most consumers usually complain about the past, and it is this fear of trouble mentality fueled rampant fakes. Some businesses on Taobao to consumers to give praise to the delivery, seriously damaged the interests of consumers. Recently, Taobao has invested heavily in the crackdown, hope is true for consumers to consider, and not show.

of course, is not all negative online shopping pleasure, consumers in addition to and other sites to purchase clothing, accessories and other daily necessities, can also be purchased in some focus on the sale of certain products on the website. For example, the fastest-growing country, footwear brand sales of vertical B2C e-commerce platform to access the highest and largest making shoes, it is footwear B2C website a retail brand sports shoes, through the integration of the world famous shoe brand resources, with tens of thousands of kinds of footwear brand products cheap for the market now it formed the largest China brand shoes online sales become Chinese square, hundreds of millions of Internet users preferred platform to buy shoes.

now more and more people online shopping, online shopping market norms, is the key to protect the interests of consumers, the consumer is responsible for is responsible for their own, or the loss of their company. Web site can continue to maintain, it depends on the performance of the business and the management of the site.