Amazon is the largest e-commerce company in the United states. After its wholly-owned acquisition of excellence into the Chinese mainland market, Amazon has been listed as China’s online retail leader". But what is unexpected is that the world’s leading e-commerce companies, but openly selling fake online.

in fact, in March this year, the economy has spent half an hour to sell fake CCTV exposure, but after this incident Amazon did not have convergence, the situation is still selling fake online. Reporter received before consumers claimed that Amazon and Wuliangye liquor sales Kweichow Moutai.

related data show that as of December 2013 China’s online retail market transactions amounted to 18851 yuan, an increase of 42.8%. The online retail market share of the top three are B2C Tmall mall, and Jingdong. The internationally renowned Amazon China only 2.7% of the market share in the top fifth. In the size of the market has no advantage under the background of the Amazon is bound to openly selling one disaster after another.

CCTV exposure Amazon selling fake

in March this year, CCTV financial channel for Amazon to sell fake cases given exposure. Amazon promised: cosmetics everyday low prices, authentic licensed, but it is a "routine" coat, selling fake cosmetics. CCTV reporter from Amazon respectively 310 yuan and 99 yuan to buy a L’OREAL Paris special run moist grape seed cream, Estee Lauder pomegranate cream, the identification results after Estee Lauder Shanghai trading company and L’OREAL China company issued by the display are fake.

after CCTV exposure, Amazon China announced a response to the matter. It said that the zero tolerance policy against fake goods, third party seller product quality issues mentioned in the report, in February after receiving the relevant customer feedback has agreed to apply for refunds for customers, and permanently close the related sellers shop, the implementation of more stringent management measures for beauty and personal care category sellers and its products. Amazon China also said it would strengthen the audit and management of the seller, Amazon will not allow the sale of any fake, for any seller to sell fake Amazon will immediately and permanently close its stores.

suspected of selling counterfeit

thing has happened over the past 4 months, but Amazon sellers sell fake phenomenon has occurred. The day before receiving a consumer reporter broke the news that Amazon sells fake Moutai and Wuliangye in the public.

reporter to open its web to see, in the "food and beverage" – "liquor" column below, a "Wuliangye 52 Luzhou 85 Standard Version of red wine collection wine products in Sichuan China (non conventional Wuliangye) of Wuliangye wine liquor, its price is 170 yuan, the website also shows buy this festival 98 yuan (37% off). In the product information on the wine in this way, "Wuliangye’s unique production of raw materials, production processes and Health >