can be said that I am a hardcore Jingdong Shopaholic, but sometimes I will find what I want on Taobao Tmall.

The double

eleven, the home appliance manufacturers in the biggest. Taobao Department of 35 billion turnover is not low, Jingdong seems to see today, also about 10000000000. Today, we do not talk about the data, to talk about, is a bit of personal views on the electricity supplier brand trademark management: the importance of trademark management in enterprise intellectual property management.

who is not black, who does not honey, the text to take Ali and Jingdong for comparison, just smoothly.

from the first headline: "what is the trademark strategy: namely the enterprise trademark strategy, is an enterprise will use the trademark and trademark means in the business activities of enterprises, affecting the entire business activities to drive and. Is an integral part of the business strategy, and adjusted with the adjustment of business strategy.

popular terms, is a timely registration to protect the brand name of business activities required. According to the law, the protection of intellectual property rights. Do not violate the rights of others, also won’t be other business opportunities to find work, the business activities of enterprises have a negative, unnecessary losses and troubles.

look at the following screenshot:

Alibaba trademark registration total

Jingdong mall trademark registration total

can be seen, as China’s largest electricity supplier in the two institutions, both in the protection of intellectual property rights of the trademark up and down, from the number can be seen, there are thousands of trademark registration. Many traditional enterprises should learn.

but if you carefully analyze the contents of the registration, you will find a lot of different places. This is to say, although the two trademark registrations are many, but in brand management, Alibaba was quick step. Whether its trademark from the brand operation, or from the brand defense. Can be said to do more perfect. Jingdong mall, although the number of thousands of registered trademarks, but the trademark registration strategic consolidation is not too awesome, that is to say the defensive do not good enough.

double eleven singles just ended, then randomly selected "double eleven" of trademarks, after finishing the query, "double eleven" only Ali registration protection, the following data.


can see that Alibaba is very sensitive to the protection of trademarks.

I also choose the Jingdong’s 618 anniversary, the same query through the Jingdong registered trademarks, but did not see the "618" of any trademark (including unregistered big success). Jingdong got two years anniversary! Query Alibaba double eleven related trademarks, are registered in the 11 years before and after November. In other words, the beginning of the planning of the eleven carnival, it has started. The Jingdong’s anniversary Carnival Festival, has been for two years, is still not aware of my "registered trademark?