more and more entrepreneurial vanguard choice dig the first gold take his life to sell things in above, especially before college students into the community team, most students interested in entrepreneurship will be the first choice of Taobao.

you may know about Taobao’s only limited flexion in general all lighting rules know, what is that rules? Simply put, is including the distribution shop page style, commodity keywords definition, shelf time staggered arrangement of baby, promotion increased traffic peak, commercial graphic description etc.. Here both the Taobao pre goods shelves processing, marketing, and ultimately stores persevere attitude and love for the shop. Of course, the rules today Xiaobian not talking about these people is not known here.

what are we going to talk about? That’s the unspoken rule that doesn’t count!

how to make their products more potential customers know that you need to go out to find potential customers. How to tap potential customers, that is to be applied to your promotion skills, we often see some of the teachers on the Internet to promote the skills, such as post. But what kind of posts should be used to be able to get out of the huge posts out of the sea?.

first, the title of the post should be eye-catching. As the saying goes, a good beginning is half done. What kind of title is successful? Here is not only to include your post content keywords, should also have enough eye-catching words. What kind of rhetoric is compelling? Here you need to know how many sellers empathy standing buyers perspective to see.

secondly, is the content of your post. We just started to write posts should not put their sales performance too obvious, so it is easy to let the customer nausea or filter out your post. So we can start from the beginning of their own emotions to start writing. Use professional language in terms of emotional marketing! For example, you are a college student out of business, you can encounter in the operation of the entire process from their own shop in difficulties or how you deal out to share with others, and even your decoration style is experienced and how to think to decorate now how, you can attach your online address to let everyone see by the way, this is virtually to your site to spread out, and they are willing to accept the way. Good post title is good but views or high up how to do? This is tailored to your usual posts in the sea level of activity! If you are active enough, and the administrator is also good (of course, the personal ability). Good relationship and administrator, means to do also help


there is a shop below the seller exchange group, do not think that the role of this place is not, in fact, a lot of small details will be able to see if you are a sincere seller. In >