access to the Internet is 99 years, get started in 2003, did the garbage station failed, I am not what master, all these years of local website, pay has been greater than the return, but I believe that along the road to the right, the light one day to come back.

today and we discuss market research and planning website pre established Ningxia Youku second-hand car, promotion and operation of some of my personal views, several other websites are local websites, do are generally is not for everyone said, recently wrote a 0951 information network station for 3 years after you have time to take a look at my some views on local classification information.

We first talk about the Ningxia

network environment, the capital of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is Yinchuan, Ningxia is the country’s small province, many people may not know, Ningxia is located in the "Silk Road" on the history channel is an important east-west traffic trade, as the Yellow River flows through the area, here also has a long history of ancient civilization of the Yellow River. As early as thirty thousand years ago, Ningxia has traces of human living in 1038, Dangxiang leader Yuan Hao in the establishment of the Western Xia Dynasty, and formed a unique culture of xixia. At present, about 6000000 of the total population, about 1 million 600 thousand people in the city of Yinchuan, in the autonomous region of Yinchuan City, about 700 thousand of Internet users, Internet users in about 400 thousand Internet users in Beijing in about 6000000, and the total population of Ningxia almost, from here in Ningxia is too small.

from Ningxia based Youku used car network in November 6, 2008, there are several second-hand car market this idea I ran us here in Ningxia, learned about the second-hand car trading volume and the number of monthly, Yinchuan a total of 3 second-hand car trading market of large scale, a company located in Xixia District of old Ningxia the biggest motor trading center, here he small courtyard, which basically full of parked vehicles, there are about 700 or so, 90% are second-hand car trading company vehicles, few people see the car on Monday to Friday, Saturday is Sunday, people are like the market come here to trade, including Yinchuan other second-hand car market car dealer here, and Shizuishan City, Wu Zhongshi, central city, has formed a good second-hand car market.

I find the main and some owners said they chat, now people car Internet why don’t you surf the Internet, many owners of the network or know, they say they won’t release on the net, some is not the Internet, when I mentioned that now want to spend tens of dollars can be posted to the website when 70% of the people think that is a good thing, not much money. Note: some of the cars are not in Yinchuan, are in the vicinity of several cities and counties to the cost of Yinchuan is not small. (for example: Wuzhong City from Yinchuan should be 70-80 kilometers remember not too clear, and tolls, burning oil, meals, is the most important and valuable time delay) that counted down the cost is not small, but want to let these owners have the awareness of network selling cars also need to train. In fact, these early market research I have two main >