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mango TV 24 hours when the panoramic broadcast reality show "the perfect holiday" since August 15th officially launched, content innovation will be aired once suction eye, aired in the form of interactive web platform has also attracted public attention to brand advertisers. With the elimination of the mechanism, the program is more and more tense atmosphere, popular topic continues to refresh. At present, "the perfect holiday" launched ten days on demand is the total break 100 million, live online peak of up to 2 million 730 thousand this week, a total of more than 34 million user interactive voting. The positive effects of this reality show also began to release.

for advertisers, high viscosity, high interactive, high concern behind the program means a high return on brand value. As a file broadcast program, how to naturally integrate into the brand information in the accompanying program content, but also does not allow the audience to produce a stiff sense of being a commercial tyrant screen, is really a difficult problem of operating capacity. The contents of deep experience of mango TV again to the audience and advertisers a satisfactory answer about program only designated drinks Wahaha’s vitamin drinks activation, design forms a rich variety of stereo, for users and advertisers to take care of two-way operation, all the industry interpretation of what is called "natural real no trace of ads.

: "soft and hard" both traditional forms cannot be lost, but must have personality

"the perfect holiday" all day long 24 hours uninterrupted broadcast, broadcast platform coverage mango TV’s PC side, the mobile terminal, mango TV Internet TV and Hunan IPTV, and simultaneously extending Hunan local ace TV platform Hunan economic TV, realize multi terminal user coverage. The activation of the Wahaha hand mango TV "the perfect holiday", undoubtedly caught a very favorable vantage point, one touch up multi screen users, for a variety of whole panoramic network may create a brand placement propaganda.

from the strategic point of view, Wahaha activation is using the way of implantation act tough and talk soft. ". The traditional forms of advertising are important, live broadcast, on-demand pressure screen, hard wide, Katayo Naruxie, "concentrated exposure to the brand content of the perfect holiday" high frequency in all aspects, let the audience to form associative memory of a strong program and brand. As you can see, "want to win, first activate" communication system and the program is the concept of product performance double perfect interpretation. The personality fit the concept, not only allows users to quickly get product features, but also highly consistent with the characteristics of the program, mango TV and Wahaha in the dissemination of a beautiful hand played really good cards, to highlight the value of two-way choice.

static and dynamic combination, deep King implant to achieve natural binding

in addition to the traditional network hard Guangshang spend enough thought, mango TV in the program content to activate the "soft landing" is highlighting innovation and cultivating strength. In a closed space, 12 distinctive strangers living together for 90 days, all the food and clothing andshelter dead in front of the audience, no doubt for the activation of the Wahaha brand image output provides infinite space. But >