Internet era, what seems to be no lightning and thunder, so don’t call Shaolin Temple Abbot abbot, and called the Shaolin Temple CEO; you can through the online learning of the Shaolin Temple martial arts odd, even martial arts cheats, and later can also obtain a certificate of Shaolin Temple. These are not in the online game, nor is it a very CCTV drama scene, but the real Internet life. A new phase of the new simple beauty, wild street to share with you, is the latest Shaolin Temple network marketing network — a case study of Zen debate.

network Zen meditation — the first meditation

if not born in Buddhism, perhaps the Shaolin abbot Shi Yongxin should be a media wizards; many people say that Shaolin Temple’s marketing means has written Chinese marketing history, there are a lot of people say that this is not advocated by buddha. In any case, the famous Shaolin Temple still, in these numerous rumors, stick to the party, it will be enough.

although there have been controversial, but the street from the number of wild forest temple marketing events, or to see the strength of the Internet and hope. For example, the grand launch of the Shaolin Temple network Zen Zen event.

in Guangzhou Jane beauty network consultant Mo wild view, eloquent resolution · · Zen "such activity is beneficial for Buddhism; Zen is in fact a kind of speculative Buddhist thought and chewing, let the broad and profound Buddhist thought through profound understanding of the heart and become pure. The promotion of Zen meditation, the fact that Buddhism is of great benefit. But the traditional Zen home lectures and can not satisfy the demand of communication, because of the geographical and subject to space, can expand the influence of the lecture, and even not salvation.

network is undoubtedly the Cihhang Purdue provide channels and tools, convenient for anyone, anywhere, as long as it can penetrate the so-called numerous living beings, which can be carried out through the network of Zen debate, and understanding of their own ideas, and four friends, in the eyes of the Buddhists, is undoubtedly a great merit.

dodge water drift VS network posted

snowball effect that information network can be expanded to a huge body of information in a very short time, and with no boundaries spread outwards. This is why more and more people favor the Internet marketing, and the Shaolin Temple, the temple is also an occasion to Internet Party Pure Land Buddhism subtlety.

legend of martial arts among a dodge water drift of the master, in the moment of force walk in space; and in Guangzhou Jane beauty network consultant Mo wild view, for the enterprise website or nonprofit web site, if bound to break the space-time, will win more competitive advantage. The network will provide a very favorable way for these site builders.

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