soft Wen marketing is not a new thing, in the Internet is not universal, has been widely used in various newspapers, radio, television, etc.. PC Internet and mobile Internet is a wide range of applications, its advantages are more in-depth play out. We read the article anytime, anywhere, perhaps an excellent quality soft wen. Soft everywhere, is part of the marketing, but also an important part of network marketing. Soft Wen is important, but we need to know, soft Wen is not a small advertising, moisten things silently can see true chapter. We can always from a lot of information or knowledge in the article, we do not see the love of things, the feeling is so abruptly ads molimen. How to do marketing, network marketing pilot baldgood combined with years of practical experience, and we discuss as follows:


topics: to meet the industry around the hot write

as a result of their own network marketing, the author of the promotion of Internet marketing in a variety of ways, there is a relative occupational sensitivity. Found a lot of company’s marketing staff, although in the soft marketing, but its communication and transformation quality is not high. Remove the writing quality of the article itself, the more important content of the free industry, there is no lock industry and reading objects, which led to the conversion rate is not high. Around the hot spot is relatively easy to understand, is to find the current period of hot events, analysis and interpretation. With hot articles, as long as the content of acceptable quality, generally will bring a lot of attention. And a hot event, but also multi-directional interpretation of the analysis, the effect of strengthening the soft text transformation.

editor: empathy clever do promotion

said WeChat ads, a part of life is, indeed, not just advertising so vulgar and naked. Although marketing is also true, and the TV ads implanted some different approaches but equally satisfactory results. We now see the film and television works, mostly with a soft advertising implant, did not feel so awkward hate. But before the video playback, even more than ten seconds of advertising, it is always difficult to accept. Editor in writing when the soft, we must give full consideration to the reader’s feelings, can not allow users to accept the soft, marketing will be out of the question. In addition, the soft writing but also as far as possible the objective, concise, reasonable collocation of pictures etc..

communication: after the first to a loop

high quality soft with a wide spread, in order to achieve the purpose of marketing, especially in the Internet era is so. Remember before and after 2011, the company pilot Bo King published hundreds of articles, knowledge of website construction and network marketing in all kinds of soft Wen webmaster website, causing a large number of forwarding and forwarded two times. Part of the content is also Tencent, Phoenix and other reproduced, brought a good brand and reputation conversion. Now take some time to pay the soft text, you can send more and more channels, such as various types of media, libraries, etc.. As long as the quality of the article is good, the nature of marketing is not very obvious