marketing is very silent, or when people are aware that it is "advertising" is still willing to spread things, while the primary advertising is abruptly to you a show, although the quality of advertising but also pay attention to good and bad, gentle and naked, but just one of the advertising marketing tools, well done to see whether or not familiar with marketing. The day before, people play on advertising is increasingly marketing flavor.

film and television drama and other video advertising industry is a lot of advertising, also can play the best place, so the film implantable advertising has become one of the important means of marketing, from the large to the premiere of youth idol drama, advertising everywhere shadow, and was criticized in the video website advertising also launched the new mode of advertising: Video in.

implantation in the plot of advertising, products may be more direct, but once settled on the user experience, marketing tools are slightly inferior to stay, because of the lack of flexibility in planting plot advertising, coordination merchants and producers is a big trouble, the new Iqiyi video in is already "advertisement" complete the video based on profit just to become Iqiyi, rather than the producers.

whether the advertising implanted in the story, or to make the picture in the finished video implantable advertising, follow a trend: the beginning and the end of the movie, the film is the direct advertising model is subtle and more marketing elements with direction.

so, as the leader in the mobile Internet, WeChat why play the most elementary circle of friends advertising?

is perhaps the circle of friends of the profits were "Mask" occupied, or just because the Tencent have been looking for the WeChat model is too small: the taxi drops coupons while ensuring the user stickiness but also to "lose" as a precondition. Anyway, WeChat’s circle of friends advertising has been on the two wave.

advertising circle of friends: failure to blame the user experience, by the circle of friends with ecology, WeChat’s mobile Internet users the highest viscosity, first because Zhang Xiaolong advocated "user experience first" principle, there is a circle of friends information more "friendly", not so much a sense (more friends advertising, so, no wonder less), advertising circle of friends online will be widely "critical".

88 tiger fortune network ( that WeChat really want to profit from advertising, you can skip the primary stage (part of this is the destruction of the user experience, WeChat ecological, imagine more) direct marketing color advertising model, such as the implantation of clever advertising, the public can learn from WeChat l have operational experience, they also have a huge amount of users in WeChat, push the interesting information at the same time clever placement, here is the best breakthrough WeChat advertising circle of friends.


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