before I wrote two articles: "B2C website search engine optimization analysis and diagnosis scheme" and "B2C website search engine optimization solution", because the data belonging to the company, shall not have been removed, this is still the theme of the B2C website, but I will be a subdivision of industry, mainly for B2C platform clothing the network marketing industry analysis. May be just a small part, but I will continue the series, the garment industry is in a state of the electricity supplier in the field of what is described, this article is the analysis program, I’ll explain later diagnosis scheme and solutions to the current situation of macro analysis of apparel industry website B2C in network marketing view.

B2C apparel industry market data analysis

B2C apparel online shopping market transaction size:


B2C apparel online shopping market competition:


user penetration rate:


Chinese clothing B2C different pattern classification


B2C apparel online shopping industry chain


users use electronic business platform

users in the purchase of goods, before and after the purchase will use search engines to obtain relevant information


for different stages of purchase, through the optimization will be the first time to find our web page

network marketing search engine

search engine marketing in several ways:

1, PPC

2, classification directory login

3, search engine login

4, paid search engine advertising

5, keyword advertising

6, TMTW calls advertising

7, search engine optimization (search engine natural ranking)

8, address bar search

9, website link strategy.

search engine marketing to pursue the highest cost-effective, with minimal investment, the largest amount of access from the search engine, and generate business value.

The key words used by

users to retrieve information reflect the user’s attention to the problem, which is the focus of the search engine