review: 2014 is fast coming to an end, usher in a new 2015. This year, the property market ups and downs, amidst the winds of change in the real estate market marketing zhichuo, there are pain points and emotional demands of the copy, let us review the annual five best touching good copywriter.

father 70 years old, his son is 10 years old, who live for


boss 40 years old, under the age of 30, the cause of the end?


, 40 years old, is the backbone of the society, in the hands of social resources, whether it is a solid purchasing power or an individual ability.

but forty men, the same music garden version of house of Flying Daggers, advertisement will spearhead the several difficulties experienced youth struggle after the 40 year old men facing a midlife crisis, appeared frequently, family, career, love, interpersonal pressure and other parties to a torrent of convergence:

1, older parents, 00 children after beginning to junior high school, the economic cost is big.

2, employment 20 years age, little achievement.

3, energy gradually decline, to love to stay a little passion, but also unable to do anything…

agile · ten Li Hua Xiang this advertisement will be "40 year old phenomenon" thorough dripping show at the same time, also expressed as the backbone of society at the age of 40 in this group, bear the pressures from all sides at the same time, needed a more concerned about love is a concern.

ten Li Hua Xiang "pain you villa" the emotional changes from the age of 40, people’s physical and psychological symptoms for 40 year olds to zhichuo pain points, resonate.

IT "mouse tribe" cave

looked at the tiger, in fact, very reliable


with 12 animals as the clue, the 12 zodiac character will buy consumer psychology consumer behavior is divided into 12 typical, and 12 kinds of typical population spaces, supporting projects such as the attribute value of the corresponding purchase expectations respectively, with the corresponding character of animal with colloquial lines copy, make works with both reducing the purchase behavior of truth.

sees the world blind. If the soul falls, culture is good medicine


to social disease as a starting point, will spearhead the social development of the various social problems to mobilize everyone, and directed at the depths of human nature. The root and solve various problems in the culture, the culture will set people thinking at the same time, with the city cultural property projects in the clever fit together.

thirty years old, a lot of things, do not try, late