A few days ago

I speak about our micro-blog how to find resources, and how to pick a single problem, but our buddy lot when they accumulate to resources in the future, we are the orders.

here I would like to ask you what will not receive a single


first, do not have their own resources

here is the resource that we do not have customers, we have to know where their customers are. Our customers are nothing more than a businessman, what agent. So now that we know where they are, we can go through these channels.

second, do not know how to promote their own

said it did not know self promotion, it is not their packaging, no credibility. This is like a few us to buy things, why we all love to buy the brand of things, it is not because of credit problems? We know that a brand, even if it is expensive, but his quality is very good, so more people to buy. Over time it became a famous brand. We do micro-blog marketing is the truth.

so we are missing a single, but also know where the problem is, then I’ll give you a specific talk about how to solve these.

(1) forum to accumulate resources

we say that the forum to accumulate resources, so how do we do? We can post to each forum inside, these posted the content is best with our industry related content. We can be how to promote a product to how to package their products. These content we can be issued to the business sector. Why will be sent to the business sector it?

we are now a lot of entrepreneurs have their own products, but there is no market, how does that do? Micro-blog promotion is a kind of method, then we made this article, our customers do not? As long as he wants to promote their products, you will find something to you. About the promotion, then you can directly be micro-blog or WeChat promotion.

(2) QQ group accumulated resources

we want to take more orders, do not think of a channel to do. Our customers are in different places, only in this way will we receive more orders. QQ group for this how to pick it? There are two main areas:

1 group of customers

we can go with some product promotion group, or business group, in which we can see a lot of businesses, many businesses are required to do the promotion, then we can talk to them about the promotion of things, in this way, our single does not come? As shown in figure

2 plus micro-blog promotion group inside the person or group

why do you add them? They are our peers, and you will be in a situation like this