is well known, the impact of the site ranking of many factors, the high quality of the chain of keywords ranking plays a vital role. But a lot of novice webmaster is very confused, how to do the high quality of the chain? Where to do the chain? Today Xiaobian introduced the most popular several kinds of construction of the chain method, hope to be able to help you.

the current mainstream of several chain construction methods are:

1, soft text of the chain:

soft the chain should be regarded as the best effect. But this is not very good, mainly through cooperation with high weight website, issued a press release; then to some well-known large sites such as A5, home owners of these sites get for submission.

2, to some navigation site or link exchange platform release site information, access to the chain

but some of the better navigation sites and link exchange platform requires their links, only to be included.

3, in the classification of information on the site contribute, publish information, access to the chain

like 58, lists and other well-known classification information network released links are pure links to this article, can only play a role in the promotion of the weight of the site to enhance and keywords ranking is not a big role.

4, blog outside the chain

Some of the most mainstream

high weight blog, such as Baidu space, Sina blog, blog, blog and so on Sohu NetEase, can release the anchor text links, but early need to have a blog, the blog will only patient to obtain the high quality import links.

5, Baidu product chain

: Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu search, Baidu library and so on can be used to build the chain. Because these are Baidu’s own products, attention will be higher than the other, if these are done, you can get the high quality of the chain. But Baidu know the chain is not good to do, can be said to be very difficult, but it is because of the difficulty, to do it is the high quality of the chain.

6, link

links can be said to be one of the most stable source of the chain. If the stable chain to obtain high quality, also can let Baidu increase the site of his attention, so Baidu will give a good evaluation, attention will also increase, so Baidu spider will often find their site crawling, increase included. A high quality of friendship can be more than dozens or even hundreds of forum links.

7, network bookmarks outside the chain

network bookmark collections, such as: Baidu music collection, Google killer and so on, if the chain is included is also quite good, one of the chain and also very stable.

8, BBS signature chain