reporting center exposure condemned thunder and other illegal information dissemination website use pop Beijing September

23, according to Chinese Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center news, recently, Chinese Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center received a public report, the spread of illegal content through some websites pop ads, Internet users experience serious harm, pop ads flooding the network to the users bring great distress.

is currently widely used in Internet pop websites, web games and players such as Internet products, online information dissemination and advertising promotion. Although the relevant departments have to manage network popups, but the problem is still very prominent: one is the spread of pornographic and vulgar information. Network to pornographic pictures or video pop induce users click, promotion of foreign pornographic websites. Two is to publish false information fraud. Discount products, part-time, winning, such as the guise of fraud, or the promotion of illegal drugs, exaggerating the effectiveness of drugs, deceive users to buy. Three is illegal release news. Part without the qualification of Internet news information service website, software, and other illegal player engendering the political news, misleading information netizens reprint of unknown origin. Four is the spread of Trojan viruses and other malicious plug-ins. Some network popups contain malicious plug-ins, automatically downloaded to the user terminal, to install, steal personal information etc..

According to

users report, after verification, the illegal behavior of Sohu, Tencent, pop thunder, cool screen website is more prominent, the impact is very bad, is to be exposed to the public condemnation. The website should strengthen self-discipline, clean up illegal content in the pop-up ads. Hope that the administrative law enforcement departments to strengthen the management of the website popups, increase the intensity of rectification, and the network space. We sincerely welcome the majority of Internet users continue to monitor and report. Report center report Tel: 12377, report URL: