A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) September 18th news, the recent online travel market Ctrip and where to fight is described as intensified. It is reported that Ctrip in September last year, where the initiative to seek cooperation network hotel business, the former hope to be able to introduce traffic on the platform. The relationship between the two is whirling


a report said yesterday, where the network and are ex gratia activities of Ningbo 16 five star hotel issued a joint statement to stop cooperation with ctrip. Ctrip responded yesterday evening, said the statement is not true, 16 hotels can still be a normal reservation. Ningbo Tourism Bureau yesterday also responded that, after investigation and verification, the news is not true. We don’t know what the truth is.

news September 9th, Ctrip will take the initiative to the hotel where the network product from offline, Ctrip said, where to go through a lot of vest agents etc., through technical means to give more exposed and prioritization, the fairness of the known search comparison platform completely lost. Ctrip, where the network launched TTS (where R & D trading platform) system, want to turn between parity platform and OTA two models, it is unfair for OTA.

insiders revealed that Ctrip is currently the number of hotels contracted in the country is about 14, eLong about 12, where the network in the country has about 170 thousand of the hotel signed resources. If you simply look at the number of contracts from the hotel, where the network is currently taking advantage. However, from the hotel reservation business revenue perspective, the two quarter of this year, Ctrip and where the network revenues were $753 million and $72 million, the gap between the two is also more obvious.

industry pointed out that the OTA (online travel agent) from the price war to today, has entered a new round of battle for resources, Ctrip and go where the storm is offline nature for the two sides of the contracted hotels resources, OTA and no hotel assets, so for more cooperation is the accumulation of resources, and the rich and powerful Ctrip recently the frequent acquisition of the industry, to enter the cruise is also under the control line for more resources.

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