allows a Japanese audience on the same day, see the 4 day in the Japanese television broadcast in HD 5 anime episodes: this privilege service for Crunchyroll has 100000 subscribers, the company now thinking about expanding their scope of attention.

headquarters has in San Francisco video startup Crunchyroll more than 100000 subscribers, the content of the website is animation, Korean and Asian real shooting, now the company’s monthly amount is 800000 times to the user. This model is proven to be successful after Crunchyroll is now looking for other niche markets, the company’s co-founder and CEO, Kun Gao a few days ago to tell the author. "There is a huge demand for target users in other vertical areas," he said." He said.

five years ago, Crunchyroll is still pregnant, when the founder is still working for Slide Inc. The site was originally a similar YouTube model, requiring users to upload content, many of which are animated and some other copyrighted content in asia. In 2009, Crunchyroll’s team completely changed the strategy, removed all the content uploaded by users, and in contrast to the TV and the studio signed a license contract. This is a very complete regeneration is very smooth, Kun said, and then later, such as Mininova website also want to adopt a similar strategy. "It’s a very different change for us," he recalls."

Part of the reason for

‘s change is that the animation fan community service is not good enough. Want to see some famous works as the only way is to wait for a few months in the Japanese Premiere of the drama and even buy DVD a few years later. That is why most of the fans will not from those authorized by the site to download they want animated series on these sites that fans will release some of the so-called group of subtitle translation by enthusiasts with subtitles video transcription. "Just as rampant piracy." Kun said.

Crunchyroll saw the opportunity to sign contracts with the copyright owners. Now the site has 80%-85% animation content is broadcast in Japan, Kun told the author, and said: we make a cartoon industry iTunified legalization." Most of the content on the Japanese TV broadcast, the day will be able to see on the site – in order to give those who pay $7 to $12 per month to provide value-added services to users, the site will allow it to enjoy the HD video. On the other hand, free users can only wait a week to see the next episode of Naruto Shippuden.

100000 paid users