if you want to ask who is the most low-key Chinese technology company, this title may be non xinjiang. As a Chinese civilian UAV manufacturer, Xinjiang three year sales growth of 80 times, has occupied the global UAV market half of the country.

this year, Xinjiang action again and again. First, in May this year acquired Swedish camera and lens manufacturer Hasselblad (Hasselblad) shares. The same is in May, Xinjiang and get $75 million investment from Accel Partners. In November 6th, Xinjiang even heard of plans to establish research laboratory at Silicon Valley in Palo Alto, apple, and Tesla engineers recruitment news.

valuation of about $8 billion ambitious ambitious, the recent series of actions reflects the direction of its future development of the three.

to enter the United States, to seize the high-end market

in January this year, an accidental fall in the White House on the lawn of the UAV is a large Xinjiang innovative manufacturing Phantom uav. Although this incident is not artificially hype, but also to a large extent in Xinjiang opened a mysterious veil in foreign markets.

according to estimates of the Till group, the global UAV market size of about $6 billion 400 million in 2014, is expected to reach $11 billion 500 million by 2023. In the global market, the most mature is the United States market as the representative of the developed countries market. This kind of high-end market policy is open, large demand for high-tech enterprises such as Xinjiang development.

in fact, the majority of investors are mainly from the United states. Venture capital giant sequoia capital is one of the large Xinjiang investors last year to Sequoia Xinjiang innovation investment of about $30 million. In May this year, investment in Xinjiang Accel Partners also from Silicon Valley, Facebook and Dropbox is one of the investors.

Silicon Valley in Palo Alto to establish research and development laboratory, to some extent, news and recruiting Apple Tesla engineer’s point of view, can be said to Xinjiang to seize the United States and other developed countries to open their own markets, the visibility of an important step.

based on civilians, into daily life

it is understood that the Ministry of industry to develop a UAV classification standards and the development of the civil aviation authority UAV airspace management regulations are expected to be introduced this year, the development of the UAV industry sent good. UAVs have been widely used in ordinary life.

Xinjiang investors have publicly stated that the use of unmanned aerial vehicles is becoming increasingly civilian, which allows consumers and manufacturers to explore more possibilities."

foreign market aerial sales after Xinjiang began to expand the product line, extending from the professional aerial product to the mass consumer products. Previously drones have been known as the rich toys". Xinjiang Based on "aircraft + PTZ" self-developed camera, camera motion to replace the imported high price. So far, the Xinjiang UAV