news release October 30th, domestic security issues and feedback platform (cloud WooYun) said in a report, "from the Alibaba" can lead to Taobao account has been cracked, affected the balance of treasure, alipay.

WooYun (cloud) yesterday afternoon released a report, "and" lead Taobao account can be cracked, and the balance of treasure, alipay. Vulnerability type is a design flaw / logic error. The report said the details have been notified to the manufacturer and wait for the vendor to deal with.

according to the vulnerability described by the user to back Taobao account login, due to defects in the application itself, could lead to hackers and crack users Taobao account, which spread to the security problem of the balance of treasure alipay.

Ali currently has no response.

Alibaba Taobao and Alipay two account system, and exchange. Previously, the Alibaba has Taobao, Alipay, and the account opened once the end of a loophole, other account will also be involved.