whether it is online marketing or offline activities, marketing is the eye and brain activities.

for the first time to the eye, attracted the attention of consumers, to attract their attention to this information, to the next step for the brain, hypnotic marketing, consumer guide step by step according to our instructions voluntarily go, until the successful purchase of the product. Enterprise website promotion, especially pay attention to.

to do the above two steps, we need a very attractive creative premise. In this era of information explosion, want to attract the attention of the user, you have to do and others do not like the idea of others is not the same.

Cen Xiangqing previously received the QQ mass e-mail in the lower right corner of the computer when prompted to see the title is advertising, will be deleted. But Cen Xiangqing recently found that the message received the title is very creative, had to open all of these messages, read the ad. For example, receive the title "your password is stolen, please change your password immediately", "your Taobao and a payment, please pay as soon as possible", "your password has been found, please start making money". When this title appears in the lower right corner of the computer when prompted, on your own interests, there is what I feel very strange, what Taobao passwords stolen? When I buy things? What time I find the password? So, similar to the title mail people usually will point into the. Which caught the attention of their own interests, curious psychology. This is also a major creative. No matter how many times this email, as long as not too frequent, see that people will "come back", as to its own interests, do not look at the psychological always do not feel at ease. Such advertising success rate is very high.

said the following an example from ZAC’s book "network marketing code", this is a very good network marketing ideas.

is a shop sellers mosquito to attract eyeball, shop traffic increases rapidly, the seller product description is concise and interesting, creative: Dead mosquitoes, 6 yuan a, ordinary Culex, really hand killed.

sellers and users of interactive text is also very interesting. Such as:

are played with the hair, a very strong randomness, regardless of the mother, does not guarantee integrity.

someone asked: a price, get the big is not earned? The seller replied: pure natural products, no one factor, of course, there are small.

asked: could you give me two same size? I want to do with earrings. Answer: your on your every size are different.

someone asked: how do you guarantee that you personally killed? Answer: my family on my own, I would like to find someone to pay the service fee.

obviously, this is a purely creative stuff, the product is of no practical value, but the attraction of the eye and the topic, but it is true. Online similar