the first part of the current situation of the website

prize.the Loudi Aorui Training Center website problems and the corresponding solving proposal:

1, web site included:

search engine

included 2531 3

reverse link 25 x x 3


operation for more than a year in the website, Google included only five pages, Baidu included only one page, the PR value is 0, the school has always attached great importance to the training of network marketing, we should pay more attention to this center aury.


this should be caused by the consequences of the domain name forwarding, re purchase advice can run support website’s runtime environment space, direct binding domain and space (the other, also can consider to add a domain name, the input is more simple has not been registered), is conducive to search engine included, in the website after the reconstruction, a month is expected to recover more than 300 articles included.

2, web site experience

open the home page, direct pop-up three or four ads or dialog box, the impact of the speed of the operation, the impact of the user experience, lack of guidance on the content of the home page, the site’s maintenance function is relatively poor. Lack of maintenance of the layout, such as the picture shows uneven picture and text, a serious impact on the visual effect.


RE development of the site, the site overall unified visual image, especially well built home, give people a smooth, comfortable feeling, highlight the key column content, to highlight the interaction effect, achieve word-of-mouth and network promotion combination effect.

3, channel column planning

currently has seven channels in the channel, but also has a small column, but most of the lack of maintenance, data is mostly a year ago.



for column reconstruction in the home, help users quickly understand the information of Beida Jade Bird in Loudi area, two columns, three columns should be less, can through the home page can click directly to obtain information, is the ideal effect.

4, website interaction effect


website at present, there is not an effective interactive channel, the message and online registration is lacking, no site around the user centered design, so that users get the information from the website is very fragmented, sometimes even can not find the information that they need.


Construction of

forum system and online registration system, make internal and external good communication platform, the design focus to the user centered around the user, put forward and feedback needs to drive school enrollment, and the feedback information in common, after treatment, released on the Internet, for students more intention through the inspection, not.