has experienced hundreds of years of evolution, marketing has almost all grass flowers blooming like a piece of brocade. Entered the era of mobile Internet, combination of marketing and mobile terminal is more like a kaleidoscope of color glass, the appearance is always infinite and endless.

recently, micro-blog blocked thousands of large, micro business marketing CCTV exposure MLM emerge of itself and perish of itself…… Purification trend of mobile marketing is entering a BaiZhuanQianHui, a marketing name, victorious, failure is involved in the whirlpool, the trend since then disappeared.

micro-blog marketing large seal

after a few times to clean up the garbage powder, recently, micro-blog cleanup action on the next level, thousands of marketing large seal. As an important factor in determining the number of micro-blog marketing fans, many companies involved in the brush powder tide, 50 yuan will be able to get a total of ten thousand fans, $300 will be able to brush out 100 thousand fans…… Brush the action of the destruction of sina micro-blog’s marketing environment, but also piled up a number of false marketing large".

marketing size was closed, indicating that micro-blog marketing chaos overflow, also indicates that marketing is entering a new round of cleaning, elimination in this chaos chaos in the micro-blog marketing world, finally can leave a few large marketing


information network (http://s.www.wxmdj.com/) bold speculation, micro-blog marketing in the future is large: Star Group, industry star, hand piece, part of the enterprise media account…… The other, perhaps only RUNSA are destiny.

micro business marketing "hot"

recently another hot spot is "derivative, is actually MLM MLM" marketing, it is a pity that the "extreme" be irregular, hurt the majority of users compatriots interests, so it is only a cleared fate.

if a careful analysis of the various processes of micro business marketing, you will find the micro business pyramid play is the ultimate care, "a seamless heavenly Robe", almost circle of friends to show off their wealth, Hyun Hyun small, from small to large, slowly dispel your scruples; circle of friends team award, continue to tempt you with material, let you can’t stand to a user; unfortunately, derivative temptation, circle network, will be marketing group "set-up", joined the MLM team……

and the emergence of the phenomenon of pyramid schemes, are perfect to show the power of marketing, to get the user’s trust, but also for the user to consider, to help users specialization profit"…… There are sweetness, low moral boundaries, into the pyramid of the larger and larger marketing circle.

CCTV exposure, regulation is still difficult to appear, in the era of barbaric growth, micro providers are facing greater challenges, marketing is also facing greater market clearing.

future marketing world: immune to those have always

from the recently micro-blog titles and derivative MLM events, we can get the whole Internet world, marketing has been forced into the mess must be cleaned up the time, as the biggest business assistant marketing to >