A: SEO optimization (select the most suitable keywords)

SEO optimization is the most basic and most important means of network promotion, but also a long lasting thing. So, I suggest at least more than and 20 keywords, and then through the data analysis. Which words bid ranking less, which words are more relevant, which word Baidu index is relatively large, which word SEO competition is not difficult. Combined with these factors, singled out a few relatively difficult to compete, the content is high, less competitive rankings, Baidu index and high words to targeted SEO.

this is also the way I do now, first through the data analysis to find the most suitable for the optimization of keywords, and then focus on the strength of the SEO to do, put the power on a point, a hit that.

two: promotion of network media (improve brand awareness)

media promotion is the nature of some of the large web site is widely used in the promotion, he is also recently began to slowly understand the power of media promotion. Because the media should also be built on the site’s own brand awareness, so the general small and medium-sized personal website is not suitable for such promotion. More suitable for a certain degree of brand awareness, but also the company’s commercial operation of the enterprise. So if you can promote the media, and then increase the intensity of the site will be better to enhance visibility.

the following suggestions: at least a website related news release every month, and then go to some of the studio renowned media such as push release, black light, China wedding photography nets, portrait photography and other mainstream media websites. Most of the users of these sites are in line, the high visibility of the media website published news articles, but also easy to be reproduced by some other Baidu news seed site. The article was reproduced by the mainstream media sites, but also more easily recognized by Internet users. Do a good job of this promotion, the promotion of the site’s brand, and the flow of ascension has a very big help. The effect of media promotion, generally by looking at the site of the key words of the Baidu index has not improved, you can see the results of this work.

three: soft Wen promotion (to deepen the impression of Internet users)

soft Wen promotion, is also a lot of sites have in the means. We also have their own writing ability and writing features, here I simply give a few examples.

1: local industry related forums

was the first to find the gunmen to write their own wedding experience, in the article clearly wrote that he was in a studio to shoot the wedding, what effect, good price, quality, hope more friends to take pictures. Then this article to each wedding industry related forum to send, the best can register several Ma3 jia3 post manufacturing atmosphere behind the top. The major portals of local forums, such as Baidu post bar, Tianya community related sections. In addition to the various local forums, are more suitable for the place of soft wen. Forum promotion is my previous strengths, if I do. Will be the first to all local