this article is an analysis of the article, the method can be used to learn, like to say that it is wide, please bypass

recently discovered "about the Internet" WeChat public number of abnormal fire, suddenly see everyone said, I will go to see why the sudden fire (to make a network seem to love others on Marketing), I find online, it seems only a major site reprinted an article about half a year in 100 thousand WeChat fans operating experience in


in fact, I still know the owner of this micro signal, before I helped him in our own micro signal has done publicity. I did not expect him to be so fast to do 100 thousand fans. I have carefully read this article, feel the author of this article is more like the promotion of soft paper, write what content does not dry cargo.


is actually a Internet Daniel character, temporary name is not revealed, say many people may know. Before we have talked, he did find a lot of Internet Daniel character. As a result, also made a lot of good content on WeChat, but you only understand as he just do "push" and "guide sharing" can make so many fans, you would be wrong. I don’t know exactly what he did. I’ll do a little bit of it here,


1, to share their own circle of friends, this is the key, he added his own personal micro signal a lot of friends, do not know the specific number of thousands or tens of thousands. He then in his circle of friends to share the public number in the article, so that their own circle of friends, most people can see! (similar method, now most people use WeChat to sell but recently said that many WeChat friends over a million, have been closed, his number specific not clear)

2, to tell the truth, this man not only let the cattle have made public their number in the promotion of WeChat to help him, also let many webmaster QQ group main group help do propaganda in their respective groups, micro-blog seems to have publicity.

3, before the exchange, he also said that he was concerned about a hundred or so on the Internet class WeChat public numbers, see what we are published in the study of what users really like content. But to be honest, he really can WeChat content, we have the opportunity to learn from it!

4, share books activities, I am also concerned about this before WeChat made a share to send books, although I am not involved in this activity, I think some people will go to participate in this activity, should also be able to bring a lot of fans.

5, coupled with the experience of writing the fans to share the article, can also be regarded as the promotion of soft

for those who use the software to say hello, shake, nearby people, telephone contacts and other methods for the determination of the target user’s micro signal does not apply to those who promote the entertainment.

this article said it is not too much to write just dry cargo, he.