Abstract: Shanda (July 14, 2001 -2016 December 31st), at the age of 15 and a half years old, no words.



(July 14, 2001 -2016 December 31st), at the age of 15 and a half years old, no words.


is somewhat comforting, although not in the grand game, but after the accident to make only superficial changes, Chen to the "child" will continue to exist.

if the grand game had a mind, it must want to do not understand, it helps "father" Chen Tianqiao became the richest man, laid the Empire, being abandoned after the return to save the farm, in repeatedlyspectacular case, but are often despise that out.


in the grand game will leave us, we do, but Shanda was disgusted and full of legendary life.

save the field: Shanda games come (July 14, 2001)

grand game of life, is completely around Chen Tianqiao. Chen Tianqiao’s achievements and failures are related to his personality. Gambling of advanced ideas, lack of patience and character to throw the helve after the hatchet, and smart and become the cause of depression common Chen footnote.

apart, the inside is speculation throw the helve after the hatchet. As a result of a very shrewd and successful, and then will continue to stimulate gambling. So the idea of the advance is gambling, gambling is also a lack of patience, so anxious is gambling, gambling is bad. Chen from the last ten years of grinding sword practice more and more far, because a famous, he did not survive from the bottom, of course we don’t know what to do: the underlying logic implementation is the lack of guidance closely reasoned and well argued, and effective monitoring. Like known as hypo real: let the virgin write erotic novels, it is impossible to clear up wonderful details.


was founded in November 1999, when 26 year old Chen Tianqiao and his brother Chen Danian in Shanghai expert Pudong New Area Academy of Sciences in the building of a pager house created a grand network. Shanda has been involved in the development and operation of online interactive entertainment community, instant messaging software development and services as well as online animation, comics. And the introduction of the network virtual community "paradise valley". After obtaining a $3 million financing.

can be seen from here, when Shanda wanted to do network Disney".

but his business is not smooth, the animation community has no income, Shanda has been in a "burn dead" rhythm. And then the Chinese network broke.

July 14, 2001, Chen first gamble, only $300 thousand to throw the helve after the hatchet gets Actoz "Legend II" exclusive rights in the Chinese. Grand game from birth.