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as of now, the Department of Po and Baidu both sides no longer sound. But from both sides of the existing attitude, are implicit plans for future transformation. In fact, the buyer bargaining can cause such wrangling implied widespread concern, it is also the public attention to private hospitals and health industry in the future direction of the Chinese.

reporter Liu Yong

intern reporter Li Xiaoming Wang Beijing reported

from the beginning of April 8th, reconciliation, rumor, and reiterated the determination, Putian (Chinese) Health Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Putian club") continuous sound, but Baidu has not given any response. The showdown with Baidu, has gradually become the "one-man show Po series".

at this time, Putian’s official website will in April 14th announced a cooperation message, "360 company and the Hebei branch of the Federation formally established a strategic cooperative relationship", "the end" talks in a friendly and peaceful atmosphere, and formally established friendly cooperative relations. As a long-term rival Baidu, 360 and Pu Department established cooperation at this time is quite interesting.

event evolved to today, the industrial transformation and upgrading has become a good rhetoric. But we can not ignore the cause, and the core of this system and the Baidu duel field Po Po hospital department is trying to change the status quo of Baotuan network marketing through search engine.

Putian General Assembly in March 21st, said the announcement of the existing marketing model so that a lot of medical institutions to work for Internet Co". This makes public opinion quickly realized that the dispute between the two sides from the network to promote the price. Insiders said, some key words in a single click on the price of Baidu has reached 999 yuan, or even half of the income of the Department of hospital Po to Baidu.

Deputy managing director of

Putian Federation of general Wu Xidong in the later interview when he said, not in accordance with the notice of assessment in March 21st and later things, and the controversy of Baidu is not in the price itself, but he still made it clear that the bid for this business model "can also be a little better".

Pu Department looks full of grievances, but as a "pick the thing" of the party and did not account for much cheaper. Because if Putian became the focus of public opinion, the history cannot bear to think of the past will be on display again.

In addition

has been deepening "deceived pit is small and scattered" such a single impression, public understanding of Putian Department of the hospital is not. Even is always out for the thing of the number 80% are unknown source or origin. The Putian Department of private hospitals accounted for 80% of the number of hospitals, this argument can be traced back at least to the news reports about 10 years ago, and at that time there is no clear source.

Putian always claims to have more than 8 thousand and 500 members of the hospital, I think it is unlikely." Zhuang Yiqiang, Deputy Secretary General of China Association of hospitals in twenty-first Century