illustrator: Li Ruining

one day in February 2004, who lives in Beijing, Tongzhou District Fu Changbao came up an idea: to do an online forum for the new Hualian home district.

In order to facilitate

"daily contact more than 20 thousand residential areas, but also to their entrepreneurial dreams have been." Fu Changbao said. A few days later, he impulsively resigned from the work of a portal, with friends to apply for a domain name, the acquisition of the server, the forum opened.

March 2010, pay Changbao forum has been transformed into a network of community — Tongzhou’s eight largest networks, content in the Tongzhou area, life service information, daily visits over 600 thousand. "To meet the needs of residents around 3389".

this is a real "small site". The operation team was only two people, now only a dozen people, the ocean 600 thousand hits on the Internet, is but a drop in the bucket.

but this does not affect the enthusiasm of friends and pay Changbao. They use the network platform, organize volunteers weekend to the home of love, to the orphanage to engage in education…… Tongzhou District opened two sessions, with the support of the local government, we collect through the user ‘motion proposal’ more than and 400." Fu Changbao is proud.

according to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) statistics, by the end of 2009, the total number of registered websites in China amounted to 3 million 230 thousand. Among them, more than 1 thousand large sites except for people outside of the 99% is for having heard it many times, small and medium-sized websites.

Chinese Internet capillaries

one or two people, more than 1000 yuan to build a world of their own, or is the achievement of a dream, this is the Internet has and will continue to bring people to the temptation.

The daily average volume of

large number of small and medium-sized site more than a million, a few thousands, to meet the specific needs of different niche groups. Fewer people are a major feature of these sites. Survey data show that in 2009 China’s online community, 4 people in the operation of the team to set up the site accounted for 76.9%, one person one network, the situation is not in the minority.

with a historical perspective, the boundaries between "big" and "small" sites are sometimes less clear. In May 1996, 25 year old Zhejiang Ningbo youth Ding Lei Chinanet set up his first Firebird BBS, but is to want to make some friends in the entertainment room. At the beginning of 1999, the 28 year old Ma Huateng will be anxious and fearful first "OICQ" program on the website, he founded the Tencent Inc and friends to chip in and only 5 people. Today, the former NetEase company has become an important gateway to China’s Internet, the latter QQ become an important choice for hundreds of millions of Chinese Internet users instant messaging.