renamed China ( September 9th news, it is reported that in May this year, Internet sensation "prospective network domain name theft", for the domain name industry enterprises and individuals a wake-up call. Forward looking network said the incident was due to a new network of serious vulnerabilities leading to the theft of prospective domain name The new network has repeatedly shirk and issued false statement, also caused huge losses to the prospective network. After a lapse of 3 months, hackers stole the official domain name finally delivered from oppression".

figure: prospective network

5 this month, just experienced "prospective net stolen" domain of the pain, released the headline "prospective net retrieve stolen domain hard spend sixty million purchase of domain name Wang Sicong doesn’t understand" in the official portal. It said that the current search for domain name service provider vulnerabilities have up to 6830000 related results, while most of the sites are due to domain name service provider vulnerabilities led to domain theft, gambling and so on. These service providers will generally shirk their responsibilities, or do not help the site to retrieve the domain name.

It is understood that

, website domain name is modified, as early as the prospective network access anomaly, the first time to contact the new network, new network but not seriously, but repeatedly shirk, so that the domain jump to a two domain, by the analysis of various pan gambling sites, causing the network paralysis. The prospective network issued a statement denounced the new network serious loopholes and not as outrageous! Cause prospective net loss of over billion.

for the recent concern Wanda Wang Sicong acquired Larry domain, prospective network said that not all Internet companies can not take out 60 million, prospective net no Wang Sicong "nouveau riche" behavior style. It is also hidden behind the domain name of the industrial chain to disclose some information, warned the Internet other companies should be wary of domain name theft, choose safe, reliable domain name service provider. Through the "Chinese Whois information query, registered in November 2001, the domain name, updated record in 4 this month, the domain name information.

look forward to the network believes that hackers are taking advantage of its website daily PV views reached millions. The Internet companies after the domain name theft, if through the general approach, often a few months may not be able to get back; and secretly contact domain name theft, it is estimated to spend a lot of money ransom. As for the new network as a prospective network through hardships, through legal channels to retrieve the domain name.

prospective network also said, for Internet companies, the domain name as a number in the network, users can quickly find relevant enterprises by this number. The characteristics of the uniqueness of the domain name, it means that every domain is the combination of enterprises for many years of effort, once the theft is likely as pour as a church mouse. It hopes that the incident can cause the attention and vigilance of the Chinese Internet peers, but also to remind everyone to choose a safe, reliable, responsible domain name >