Shenzhen Wangwang loan "lost" event, Baidu promotion again into everyone’s perspective.

Shenzhen want loan after promotion once through the Baidu Inc, is part of investors through Baidu search in Shenzhen want loan. For this event, Baidu started netizens rights protection plan, the landing Baidu account, Baidu search into the want loan victim of Internet users, full first security.

in addition, in April 28th, Baidu announced the beginning of the clean-up bad P2P net loan platform. Baidu Inc stakeholders yesterday (May 6th) mail reply daily economic news reporter, currently offline P2P net loan platform has more than 1000. Baidu is currently working with relevant government departments, insurance companies, payment clearing Association, etc., to develop a new online banking industry P2P rules. "At present, we have screened out the first batch of online P2P net loan companies."

search is the basic way to promote


has become increasingly intense competition in the P2P net loan industry, how to get high quality projects and investors are a common problem faced by many P2P net loan platform.

we get the first investors are from some of the net loan industry groups and some sites on the promotion. Most of the investment customers have been in this circle of P2P people." Shenzhen area a P2P platform on top of the "daily economic news" reporter said, but we want to expand the scale and reduce the risk, not only the original circle of acquaintances, so rely on other ways to promote.

Guangdong area of a P2P net loan company propaganda official said, through the search engine promotion basically is the most basic way to promote the P2P industry, they also have to do promotion of this piece, but is now offline.

The person in charge of

, a Shenzhen P2P company also said that the current master large entrance flow is BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, CO wrote short) but now open bidding only Baidu, so many people will choose Baidu promotion. But he also said that Baidu is completely used to promote the way to do the bidding, and now more and more intense competition, we have the price is getting higher and higher.

, according to reporters incomplete statistics, and now the country’s P2P net loan platform has more than 2 thousand, and still continue to have a new platform on the line.

of the Shenzhen P2P company executives said, all transactions are carried out in the P2P industry on the network, so the online promotion is a very important way, and even if the company had famous degree, others may also rarely remember your web site directly, also can through the search to enter the company. So Web search is a very important portal.

of course, through the search engine is not the only way to promote P2P net loan platform. Aforementioned Shenzhen P2>