webmaster is a special group. Sometimes people say that they hate is the webmaster, this group is very lonely, seems to be far from the crowd, otherworldly, hiding in his corner, ziyuzile. Each webmaster have experienced the pain of waiting, waiting for the site was collected, waiting for content, waiting for traffic, waiting for advertising, waiting for business, the feeling is a long suffering.

Internet industry revenue is good, it seems to be able to laugh at white-collar workers every day to live hard. But the owners have to pay too much, the circle is more and more small, are in the same profession, income is now fortunately, after ten years of hard work? The former group has become the upper and the elite company, who has been admitted to the villa, open on the car, and we may still stationmaster people in this industry try a variety of adventure. Perhaps at that time we have passion is not, we have a small number of successful, made a career, and more, or rely on advertising revenue to support themselves.