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China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) released the "thirty-third China Internet development report" shows that as of December 2013 China netizens had reached 618 million, the huge US and online shopping groups, let our country electricity industry rapid development. Although zoudian business network marketing is an effective way to increase new business in the traditional enterprise, but because of the change in the mode of marketing, traditional enterprises have to face the cost, technology, operation and so on a series of problems in the process of transformation, which makes a lot of small businesses have looked angry.

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, the linkage of the world as the Internet based application service provider ( of the eight domestic trend, through the introduction of the domain name, web hosting, cloud hosting, website Wang and other activities of a series of comprehensive reduction of SMEs into electricity supplier threshold. In particular, as the site is essential for the virtual host is very favorable, to give SMEs a lot of support to reduce the cost of support, such as 2 years to buy a gift for the past 1 years, to buy a gift for the past 5 years, also presented a mailbox and other concessions.

, however, in the pursuit of low cost to reduce the financial pressure, while the world to remind the majority of SMEs to ensure security, service security, reason:

a website by illegal organizations or individuals have attack site error leading to data loss and other network security problems in today is It is often seen. thing, and often will bring no small loss, therefore, in the Internet era, network security must be considered.

second, traditional enterprises in transition to e-commerce, so in the station is usually encounter many problems, so the choice of the virtual host, must choose the quality of service is good, to give yourself to get support and solve a good in technology and various difficult problems.

small and medium enterprises if you want to buy a discount and secure, excellent service of the virtual host, select the country’s most secure virtual hosting providers it, the following can pull up your site for the most secure security line:

1 exclusive web page upload protection, can prevent the site’s 99% upload vulnerability

2 data backup for 7 days, within 7 days can retrieve any day of data

3 and 360 comprehensive and in-depth cooperation, the full protection of the site of the guardian website


virtual host and the linkage of the world to support 0 purchase risk (after payment within 30 days of use, not satisfied, can be returned), while also providing technical support for 7*24 hours without obstacle.