express to implement the real name system in May 1st, the new national standard officially implemented. "Real name system", "after the first sign" has become the focus of widespread concern. But in an interview with reporters yesterday, the provincial postal administration was informed that the standard of any of the provisions of the real name system is not only for inspection, and courier companies have agreed to send express mail sender. However, the new national standard for the damage and the loss of express compensation has been a big change, no longer just a few times before the loss of freight, but according to the contract law for consumers to a compensation ratio.

1, online shopping a priori re signed

interpretation of the new regulations

example: the people of Zhengzhou Wang often online shopping, courier usually do not call in advance to confirm, but directly put the package in front of company. Although there are several is face to face, but the courier blindly urged her to sign, never let her see the package. She often worried about the problem of goods, when the negotiations with the seller unclear.

interpretation: the implementation of the May 1st "express service" "new GB" compared to the original standard there are many additions and modifications, one of the changes in consumer concern the most, is the "first inspection after signing the" rules to determine.

new national standard in the express is divided into two categories, one is the traditional class of commercial express, such as business documents, express packaging intact, signed by the recipient confirmed. If the packaging was damaged the abnormal situation, the recipient can acceptance in a first and then sign; the other is for online shopping, payment collection and customers with special express agreement, in the prescribed manner, as the inner parts and then sign a priori. That is to say, as the prior sign is the business (the sender) signed a contract with the courier company, courier company commissioned the inspection. "In order to meet the market demand, businesses will be signed contracts with the courier company." Provincial Postal Administration official said, this is a trend.

2, express loss of damage in accordance with the civil law one to one compensation

example: Mr. Zhao was in line to buy a vase of art, and at that time forgot how to compensate for the damage if the merchant agreed vase problem, then get the vase that has been damaged, the business that it is the express courier company, later made 2 times of freight compensation to Mr. zhao. A vase of 100 yuan, courier costs only $10, only about 2 times the amount of $20, anyway, I was a big loss."

interpretation: the new national standard, the loss of value due to delays in the delivery, loss, damage compensation made clear that the compensation in accordance with the agreement from the agreement, no agreement from the statutory principle. If express purchase compensation according to the insured, the insured amount, if not buy price, in accordance with the "contract law" to express the value of "a" compensation, that is to say, Mr. Zhao encountered situation in the implementation of new regulations, he may request compensation for the full price of the vase, and from the courier service fee Mr. Zhang, awarded 130 yuan, which is no longer used.