since the Qingfeng Bao zipu fire, more people are concerned about the leaders of every act and every move, various industries in various businesses are looking forward to, this is not enough, not much time, but also a "hot buns" fresh, but this time it is not steamed up, will I illiterate, copy and paste a biangbiang face.

biangbiang belongs to the Shaanxi specialty, in fact the real people eat less and less, in fact to know the word, if not the Chinese department or graduate of the Department of archaeology it is really not easy, this has resulted in a scarcity of marketing. Rarity, whether you are doing product development or operation, or are you planning to engage in or sell, once you have a scarcity of others don’t have, and seize this point to a certain extent a whoop and a holler, make some influence.

but to fire up to really not necessarily, another element of social marketing, that is the emotional management, behind biangbiang is booming, we see the positive energy called the national spirit, whether it is unintentional or intentional, at least it is a famous teacher, right and proper and put on the table, with overall social values and public opinion. Application of the Internet thinking, it is to provide a sense of value.

emotional value is very simple, there is no black and white points, which is why sometimes negative news can also make a person, something, such as the fire of the truth. The same message, in different audiences will have different reaction. If you forget this, it is easy to cause the user’s resentment.

with the scarcity, the emotional value, everything is ready, just tell a story. OK, marketing begins. Let’s take a look at the online public opinion. Most people want to know, OK, there is no doubt that how to write the cheating words, whether we use intelligent ABC or Sogou or a penguin can not find this word, so people with such a niubable explain a little up to heaven, the Yellow River bay two, eight big mouth, say the word go inside, you twist, twist me; you long, I long; mixed with horse king, heart word at the end of month by the word, a hanging up him pushing a cart around Xianyang. I might be nervous in fact read IQ, so long, I still Jue is unknown, and looked again, for the 6 versions, the Chinese did not learn to make friends.


story went on, here is the biangbiang approach, casually find is also a big basket, there is no one dare to eat I do not know, but if a Cantonese biangbiang please a northeast people eat do online reference practice in his own home, by the way it was me, please let me go, there’s something you don’t want to do it.

finally to dinner, where some eat biangbiang face and biangbiang face to naturally become the focus of everyone’s attention (the store smiling without a word).