1, traditional Chinese medicine domain name

consider Baidu new domain name included on cycle time is long, and then looking for high quality connection strengths, decided to acquire a PR3 domain, a local forum, this site was the Baidu GOOGLE, the weight is higher, the connection is also very rich.

2, page optimization

title, key words, description, these three, I think it is still very important, such as my station, Baidu matching a lot of words written in the description, are in a good position in Baidu. How to write the three, how to write, it is worth pondering, the only thing to tell you, once identified and columns, do not make changes. SEO pay attention to detail, do not forget the picture description and site map!

3, exchange friendship connection

We all know that

exchange links, people love and high PR exchange station, in fact is not GOOGLE, not much IP, I do friendship in exchange, I have PR3, so to a certain extent is very easy to do high quality friendship connection, selection of high quality tools with the assassin’s PIPIKI link, look for rival station, batch saw their friendship connection, and then find the Baidu included more high PR station, connecting our competitors at about more than and 20 sites, think of each connection and high quality standing outside the connection, it would be like?

4, keyword density problem

The beginning of the

, taking into account the keyword density, the term originally intended to control around 8%, then do website content test, keyword density, up to 15%, check the site, find a place to belong to the keyword stack. Logically speaking, should be reasonable, there is no cheating. The site is really for the sake of users, to provide users with the content.

5, website content and Title

how to do the content and title it should not be a large collection of Chinese medicine network about 200 articles, all the collection of users have a role in the article. Replaced some titles, as well as content.

6, web site selection

using DEDECMS, the article management system and question and answer system, after testing found that Baidu included our fastest, included the first is my question and answer system content. This is the weight of the main station to help, we can test their own. Several of my stations are basically like this.

that’s 6 points. Here I strongly promote a medical website, Chinese medicine network: http://s.www.cnzhongyao.net