CEO Chen Ou yesterday with a long micro-blog issued a statement, said the company is a business transformation, the cosmetics business will be quality supervision more difficult of the third party platform, all become self-employed.

poly beauty insiders on Tencent technology, said the original third party platform cosmetics business is only a transitional business". The company has the ability to purchase a replacement through third party brand cooperation, counter purchase and overseas channels, "the third party service can be replaced".

but not for the transformation of capital market the United States together hold much confidence. Monday announced plans to repurchase $100 million, the United States and the United States share price is still all the way down, when the world fell 5%, to close at $12.78. Within a few months, compared to the highest point in August, $39, poly America shares have shrunk by 60%.

Plunge in the share of

, caused by U.S. firms under siege for three firms said it will launch a class action of the United states.

Chen Ou in a public statement Tuesday responded by saying: this (prosecution) in the United States has formed an industrial chain, but also makes the United States a number of firms specifically looking at the listed company, as "the first plaintiff" for the first time, to obtain the maximum benefit. These law firms and lawyers also called vulture stock market".

analysts said, due to suspected information disclosure problems such as investment losses, and require the company to compensate for litigation case is very common, often occur in the American market. From the results, the majority of cases are in the company and the relevant law firms can obtain compensation regulation closed, according to a certain proportion.

cosmetics all self powered cross-border electricity supplier

poly America’s business is divided into two main self and the big chunk of the third party, which is the proportion of sales of proprietary goods and the proportion of the sales of the platform is not much difference between the third sides, the basic half of each transaction (GMV).

since July this year, the United States and the United States began to cosmetics products from the third party platform to self, as a way to control the supply chain quality management solutions. Insiders on Tencent technology revealed that the four seasons will be completed to complete the transfer of proprietary business to the self, and after the United States and the United States third party platform cosmetics accounted for 30%.

after cutting off the beauty of the third party channels, how to establish a supply chain, covering the original SKU supply of third parties, the core of the United States to become the business transformation.

According to

Chen Ou of the United States business layout explanation, brand cooperation, counter purchases, as well as cross-border electricity supplier, is to provide supplement the original third party SKU way.


from the end of September officially launched the sea Amoy channel, the current cooperation brand is mainly in Japan and Korea well-known brands, including Chen Ou in a public statement mentioned in the "It" s skin, Banila Co, TolyMoly The SAEM, nine, cloud, 3CE and other brands".