whether on the Internet or in the real world, experiential marketing is equally effective. Compared to the real world of marketing, this is a more easy to operate, cheaper way of marketing, you can access to millions of customers through the internet. Of course, the premise is that your site is not just an online brochure. You have to provide a valuable experience for visitors to attract them to visit again. We have some ideas that can help you think about how to develop a virtual experience marketing.

create an ace website

the only thing people can know about the company on the Internet is the company’s website. The site itself is a virtual experience of the place, which can produce better results. Now, many companies consider the customer experience at least in part of the site’s functional design. For example: to provide some online games.

integrated virtual experience and physical experience

all the way to experience marketing to cooperate with each other, virtual online marketing is to encourage the actual customer access, thereby promoting the purchase of potential customers. For example: Seattle outdoor gear supplier RecreationalEquipmentInc. (REI) company to purchase products in the customers, customers through hiking, skiing and kayaking to understand the product experience. REI company to the customer experience also extends to the internet. In the REI store inside the computer can visit the company’s Web site, online display can also encourage more people into the store to see, of course, including online orders.

uses the Internet to extend the experience structure

can use the Internet to do pre show, you can create the expected experience for customers in advance. Film companies are the best at this. They often use online promotional videos, behind the scenes to increase the audience for the film look. The Internet can also be used as a post show".

The Walt Disney Company is a very good example. After the tourists from the Disney theme park back home, you can go to the site to watch the staff for their professional shooting photos, or upload their own photographs, then they can arrange these photos show tour of the theme park. Walt Disney will wash out these photos, mailed to visitors home. This greatly extends the experience of tourists, and promote the tourists to visit again.

occupies the position in the virtual world

people spend more and more time spent in the virtual community or online games, such as Sony Everquest, the "second life", China and Chiyue, legend, etc. as well as the HiPiHiWorld. game Habbo Hotel, is the development of a lot of companies have also started in the virtual game for Avatar in the game to provide customers virtual goods, service and experience. Such as: "Sims" Pepsi, There.c>